Romancing the Reef

Romancing the Reef

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ROMANCING THE REEF” is a collection of lamp worked and fused glass beads and South Sea Pearls.

Clusters of glass reef creatures hug fine Tahitian and Australian South Sea Pearls. 

Curiosity and fun are essential in my work practice. I layered colours, broke, fused, twisted and pulled to create these quirky, intricate sea creatures.

Then my urge for simplicity took over and my beads became calm and smooth – until they sprouted tentacles and whiskers all over again.

Wear this necklace as a call to action. We must act now to protect our fragile oceans and the treasures they hold against the ravages of pollution and climate change.

9 Australian and 2 Tahitian Cultured South Sea Pearls and artist made glass on black neoprene.

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