Peabody and Ringo the Dingo

Peabody and Ringo the Dingo

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Acrylic on canvas.

Delving into the recollections of an adventure, across the country, driving the tracks alongside the Trans Pacific Railway line, in 1966.
On the edge of the Nullarbor plain and the desert, we met a rabbit trapper named Frank Peabody (very tall, weathered, fair-haired with sky blue eyes) and his cross bred yellow dingo dog called 'Ringo'.
Ringo would disappear for weeks, sometimes months at a time but no matter how many times Peabody had moved camp, Ringo would always find him.

"The trapper and his traps are part of the narrative of the landscape, while the dingo x dog stands apart, connecting only on his terms."

122x91cm framed 124x93cm